Sunday, May 22, 2005

Magic 7 event 5-22-05

The University of Hip Hop and NFO-XPO networking fair @ University of Chicago.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

BikeCart and Misc Zine archive in Wicker Park w/ green tea and cookies durring Version>05

BikeCart in route durring Version>05

the bikecart was filled with a zine archive from firestarter zines (recently defunct) and temporary services booklets for a day of tea and cookies in the park

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

get in touch - use the bikecart!

to use the bikecart for your project this spring get in touch:

Sunday, March 20, 2005

@ Mess Hall (Chicago) release for Chicago Walking Tour Book

bcart_messhall, originally uploaded by BikeCART.

The first offical season of bikecartinfoshop projects has begun! The spring 05 release for the bikecart was at Mess Hall, the experimental cultural center on Chicago's northside, durring the release event for "IN THE WEATHER" a new project about self guided walking tours of chicago.
more information @


bikecart_apri05, originally uploaded by BikeCART.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


bikecart@ccc, originally uploaded by BikeCART.

Welcome to the BikeCartInfoShop and OpenAirPublicReadingRoom Blog

The BikeCartInfoShop and OpenAirPublicReadingRoom is open for usage!
IMAGINE.....A bicycle and cart that can unfold to make an open-air public reading room. The infoshop consists of a cart that unfolds to create a space for the presentation of zines, books and other printed material. The cart also holds a tent-like structure that can be strapped on to create a shaded area for people to look through the materials and have discussions. The infoshop’s contents can be rotated and changed depending on what location it visits and who is using it, changing content and flexibility are key to the units success and usefulness to a variety of communities interests and needs. The is well suited for picnics and protests alike, and is the perfect companion to a street-party or a public festival. The bikecart infoshop and open-air public reading room, is the perfect tool to promote public slow-down’s, people cannot help but stop by and have a look, a chat, or a good read while enjoying the combined power of freedom of information with the freedom of movement.
The BikeCart could be used to carry and distribute: cooked food, groceries, zines, pamphlets, boomboxes, flowers and other miscellaneous items.
The structure is pretty flexible so it could be used for displays of a wide variety.

Get in touch and use the bike cart for your next project!